In another timeline, Lee Fang was conceived within an MI5 laboratory in London, UK in the year 1994 using alien biotechnology discovered by MI5 at Stonehenge years earlier. He was code-named “Stereomono Sunday”.

With the assistance of alien time travel technology that was also discovered at Stonehenge, Fang’s mission for MI5 was to travel back to the year 1966 and act as a ghost songwriter for William Sheers Campbell (a.k.a., Billy Sheers), a Paul McCartney lookalike who replaced the real Paul McCartney in the Beatles after he had died in an automobile accident that same year.

MI5 were concerned that news of Paul’s death would cause pandemonium among  the many millions of Beatles fans in the UK and around the world, resulting in mass suicides and civil unrest.

Therefore, many of the classic post-1966 “Paul McCartney” songs were in fact written by Fang for the purposes of British national security.

From 1966 to 1970, Billy Sheers learned to write songs under Fang’s tutelage and he eventually became competent enough to write songs on his own. This resulted in Sheers/McCartney quitting the Beatles in 1970.

With his mission accomplished, Fang was sent forward in time by MI5 from 1970 in his timeline to 2019 in our timeline where he has established himself as a Canadian resident in the city of Toronto. He is currently biding his time as an independent singer-songwriter-guitarist while he awaits his next mission.

The alien biotechnology used to create Fang has imbued him with many talents, including advanced guitar skills:

as well as singing and songwriting skills:

not to mention some formidable skills as a comedian: