This is a song about a man’s romantic loss and emotional suffering, leading to thoughts of vengeance against the one who wounded him.

And here is the original draft version.

Mourning – version by Mina Musicoff

This talented young lady is Mina Musicoff, who is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from France.

I came across Mina’s Instagram feed and was quite impressed with her musical talent; so much so that I asked her to perform an interpretation one of my songs – Mourning. She was kind enough to do so, resulting in the video that you’re now watching.

Note that I used the word “interpretation” instead of “cover version”. Rather than performing a straight copy of my version, she took ownership of this song, added her own stylistic flourishes and truly made this song her own.

I urge you to check out Mina’s talent for yourself. You can find Mina on her YouTube channel and Instagram feed.

Chad’s Theme

This is the first song in my “Black Pill Trilogy”. The essence of this song is that a physically attractive man (i.e., a “Chad”) can get away with almost anything in a relationship, irrespective of how bad his behavior may be towards women. To many observers – especially men who have the misfortune of not being Chads – the notion that “looks don’t matter to women, only personality counts” is a falsehood.

And here is the original draft version below.

It’s On You

This is a straightforward power pop song.

and here is the original draft.

Ordinary Man

This is probably the most overtly political song you’ll ever see me write, so enjoy it while you can! 😇

And here is the draft version I played live and recorded.

Praying To Satan

The lyrics are written from the point of view of a young man who blames God for his lack of LMS (Looks, Money, Status) which has resulted in his involuntary celibacy. He decides to sell his soul to Satan for an opportunity to live the life of a Chad so he can make money and bang hot chicks until Judgment Day. After all, without LMS or women in his life, he already feels like he’s living Hell on Earth. Therefore, he thinks he’s got nothing to lose by making a deal with the Devil.

This is the third and final installment of my “Black Pill Trilogy” with “Chad’s Theme” being the first song and “Everybody Loves A Pretty Girl (Stacey’s Theme)” being the second – both of which can be found elsewhere on this page.

And here is the draft version.

I’ll Help You Fall In Love Again

This is a silly sentimental love song I wrote.

And here is the original draft version.


Some kids had a great relationship with their father while they were growing up. Other kids did not. This song is about the latter situation.


INTJs make up only 2% of the general population and are the rarest of personality types. To most people, INTJs seem odd and even alien-like because they are introverted and seemingly cold and distant. The lyrics to this song explain how an INTJ perceives himself (or herself) and the world around him (or her).

Everybody Loves A Pretty Girl (Stacy’s Theme)

This is the second song in my “Black Pill Trilogy”. Young and physically attractive women are arguably among the most privileged people on Earth. However, this form of privilege is seldom discussed, at least not openly in public. Therefore, I decided to write a song about it. In internet parlance, a “Stacy” is basically a hot girl.

Urban Love

This is a song about falling in love in the city.

Justice for the People

This song can be interpreted in one of two ways:

  1. From the perspective of the political left, this song can be perceived as a tribute to the protests occurring in the United States during 2020 after the murder of George Floyd.
  2. From the perspective of the political right, this song can be perceived as a tribute to the populist movement that voted in Trump during 2016 after the concerns of the American working class (i.e., job losses due to offshoring of jobs and the attendant opioid epidemic) were largely ignored by the political, cultural and media elite.

Keep Outta My Head

This is a power pop song that I wrote and recorded many years ago. I sing and play all the instruments (except for the drums, which is in fact a drum machine I programmed). The production sounds kind of dated, but in my opinion, the song still holds up.

The One

This is basically a country song that I wrote and recorded many years ago. I sing and play all the instruments, except for the drums, which is a drum machine that I programmed.