Laine on her new single Into Night Times

Laine has an exciting new single entitled “Into Night Times” which I was privileged enough to listen to prior to its release this September 2021.

It’s a heartfelt, melodic, and very catchy tune quite different than what she’s previously written and recorded. In anticipation of its pending release, Laine and I had the following chat about it.

And if you’ve had a chance to listen to Laine’s music on Spotify and other streaming platforms and loved what you’ve heard, this is definitely a song you’ll listen to repeatedly upon its release.

For your new song Into Night Times, can you explain the meaning of the lyrics and any interesting tidbits you’d like to share about the writing and production process?

The song is pretty straight forward. It’s a pop alternative take highlighting my country roots about a forever love and the promise to keep it going.

My writing process changes all the time, so I don’t recall for this one how it came about. I probably just wrote out the lyrics in my notes on my phone and sat down and put chords to it. Usually my writing is pretty fast. 

Production was extremely fun for this!  This is the first song where I was really given  hands on approach for production and got into a little engineering!  I’m always learning new things and I love to learn! There will be a different feel for vocals than previously, this is mostly because I wanted to learn.  

Will it be good enough? I think so. It’s different. And I got to do it (with help of my vocal and master engineer John Seda)! 

As your cover art suggests, this new song almost sounds like a modern country tune – and you’re singing with a twang. Stylistically, which artist(s) influenced this song?

Ha! Well, factually, all my music is written ‘country’. Every single one. When I get into production, sometimes it’s lost. However, with all of my released music, if you listen closely, the country influence is there, even in Punish Me (which is a strong rock tune). 

I’m not sure this specific song had an artist that specifically influenced the sound one way or another. I do have some that are, this just isn’t one of them.  

I’m going to be experimenting further into the country side of my music, as it is organically written, with my future tracks. 

Fun fact: You can also hear the “twang” in my voice (in which you can tell I have conversationally regularly all the time… haha) in the July release of Done Being Nice

How has your social media presence changed since our last interview in July 2021?

I’m so glad you asked!

I’ve seen a significant increase in streams and followers on Spotify and views and subscribers on YouTube since my first release, What If, on January 29th 2021.

To date, I have over 100,000 views across all videos on my YouTube Channel. I have over 79,477 views for What If, and more recently, over 10,599 views for the lyric video for Done Being Nice which was only released on September 3rd 2021.

As for Spotify, I went from 17 monthly listeners and 100 followers to 18,439 monthly listeners and 16,183 followers.

Can we expect a music video or lyric video to accompany Into Night Times?

You can! There will be a premiere on YouTube on September 24th 2021 at 12 AM EST on my YouTube Channel set up with a count down!

When will Into Night Times be released?

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be with the premiere! It will be available on all platforms on September 24th 2021!!!