Guitar Licks and Tabs

Here’s a really easy guitar lick in E minor pentatonic (in the style of Gary Moore)

Here are 3 ways to play a diminished arpeggio
Method 1: Sweep picking
Method 2: String skipping with hammer-ons and pull-offs

Method 3: Hammer-ons and pull-offs

Here’s a guitar run in the key of A minor

Here’s a simple but cool sounding blues lick in E minor pentatonic

Here’s a flashy but simple guitar lick in E minor pentatonic

Here’s an easy was to play a D major arpeggio

Here’s a very useful run that you can use it many solos. I’m performing this in E minor

A Minor arpeggio

Here’s a useful guitar lick reminiscent of Jimmy Page

Here’s a two string guitar lick reminiscent of Gary Moore

Here’s a lick reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen that you can use to end a song.

Diminished arpeggio lick

This is a run in A Minor consisting of hammer-ons, pull-offs and sweep picking

Here’s a cool but simple blues lick in E Pentatonic Minor