Yvng Error on his new EP, Keep Your Distance

Yvng Error sat down with me to discuss his new three-song EP entitled Keep Your Distance, which is now out on all major streaming platforms:

For each of your songs included in the new EP entitled “Keep Your Distance” (I Saw A Bird, Seeded Bun, and Wonderland) can you explain its origin, the meaning of the lyrics and any interesting tidbits you’d like to share about the writing and production process?

Keep Your Distance is symbolic of what’s happened to me over the last year throughout my life, everyone else’s and the world in general.

After releasing my last single The Fool, the idea of Keep Your Distance was myself as an artist separating from relationships, friendships and fixating on bettering myself and further developing my skills as an artist more than ever before.

A lot of risks had to be taken, including throwing myself into lots of live performances and experimenting with new sounds that I haven’t really tried before.

Wonderland was a fantastic song to sit down and write. The idea of “Living in this wonderland” and moving past some traumatic experiences, seeing the light and the beauty we really live in and realising it’s OK to be alone, stemmed from my last relationship, but this has now helped me excel forward within myself and my musical ability.

The final finished song came together with 3 other independent musicians: “Cerulean Sounds” on the keyboard, my younger brother Austin Young on the rhythm guitar and Jack Francis on the drums. I wanted it to have a really nice feeling good sound to it, but also portray the imagery of an individual’s breakup experience in a light-hearted manner.

Seeded Buns is a song I wrote one day whilst looking out my window, and was imagining what it would be like to have an attractive neighbour that I fancy but have no idea how to approach, yet constantly seeing us living our individual lives of which we both want to be part of:

I saw you laying on the floor, you saw me smoking weed next door.”

I had the intention whilst writing and creating the melody behind this song that it be very much like an upbeat summer song. Something that you can just sit back and relax to on a Friday night with a nice cold beer.

The creative process for this one was really fun, as we had Rob Clarke, all the way from Australia on board to do some funky lead guitar wizardry. I sent him over the original stems of vocals and drums from Jack Francis and then I let Rob just completely take it over. He brought the song to life with some really catchy upbeat riffs.

I Saw A Bird happened almost instantly I was out for a long walk with my guitar, I managed to find a quiet spot in a lovely location – funnily enough, near the same place I wrote Lady in the Lake. I was looking around and everything I was seeing spilled out into the song:

“Long sharp stems of green grass, sitting letting time pass”
“Long blonde hair can’t help but stare”
“And I am all alone”

It was almost as if the song wrote itself that day; it seemed like the universe was wanting it to be written.

I think it definitely has something that a lot of people will be able to connect to; that sense of isolation and not knowing what the next chapter of your life is, yet complacent and happy with all the beauty that can be seen around which leaves a delicate smile with the listener ( I hope anyway XD ).

Stylistically, which artists influenced the songs in the new EP?

For this one I don’t really know who influenced me or why. It was a very natural process working on these three songs. My mind was completely free and being so open to working alongside some other instrumentalists.

It kind of just fell together pretty easily from the initial ideas I had scribbled down.

Can we expect music videos to accompany each song?
Currently, I haven’t got plans to do any videos for these ones as of yet, but I can give you a sneak bit of info that the music video for The Fool is on its way to being finished and the official release date for that will be coming your way very soon.

We are talking lots of strange outfits, face paint, being fully submerged into the ocean in a suit, with cinematic introductions and lots of crafty editing by the Roberto Rodriguez from 3dimensionalmedia. This one will definitely be a bit of a head turner.

Keep Your Distance is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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