Singer-songwriter Jennifer Juliette discusses her new single “Columns” and her new self-titled EP

Singer-songwriter Jennifer Juliette has been keeping very busy lately.

In addition to preparing for the August 26th 2021 release of her new EP simply entitled “Jennifer Juliette”, she has written and recorded a new song, “Columns” which shall be included as a fourth song alongside her three previous singles, “Small Voice“, “Anchor” and “I’ll Be“.

In fact, these past 8 months of Jennifer’s life have been a whirlwind. Jennifer’s unassuming creation of her Instagram account at the beginning of 2021 to showcase her singing talents for friends and family has snowballed into something beyond her imagination. She now has 10.4k followers on her Instagram account and counting.

In anticipation of the pending release of her new EP, Jennifer and I had the following chat about her new life as social media phenomenon and “Columns”.

Let’s start the interview with a brief synopsis of your musical journey to date.

For a decade, you were in an orchestra, touring the world. You then retired from orchestra to start a family and raise two beautiful daughters. In early 2021 you started your career in earnest as a Classical Pop artist, creating an Instagram account in early 2021 and building an impressive social media following; 10,400 Instagram followers within only 8 months.

Concurrently, you’ve released 3 singles: “Little Voice”, “Anchor” and “I’ll Be” with impressive streaming numbers. Moreover, your music video for “Little Voice” has already garnered 16,000 views in only 2 months.

And on August 26th 2021 you’re set to release your first EP, simply titled “Jennifer Juliette”, which shall include the three aforementioned singles as well as “Columns”, which we’ll discuss later in this interview.

The release of the “Jennifer Juliette” EP will mark a book-end in this first phase of your post-orchestra musical journey that you started at the beginning of 2021 after you created your Instagram account.

With this synopsis of your Classical Pop career out of the way, my questions for you are as follows:

(A) What were your expectations when you first created that Instagram account way back in February?

(B) We’re now in August 2021, so looking back over the past few months, did the events described above fail to meet your expectations or did they exceed your expectations?

(A) When I first created my account, I just expected to post a few cover songs for my friends and family. Eventually, I hoped to put together some of my own music to and share it to those I loved. I just didn’t expect that circle to expand so quickly and to such wonderful people.

(B) My expectations have seriously been exceeded. I have made so many more friends and contacts that I could have imagined in the last eight months. I hope so much that it continues to grow in the same way.

In the aftermath of David Bowie’s death in January 2016, I read an interview with his long-time guitarist Carlo Alomar in which he described Bowie as having an indescribable “glow” about him. It’s a natural charisma that many famous artists seem to have and it attracts people to them. The French of course refer to this quality as “je ne sais quoi“.

From my own observation, you seem to have that quality as well. For example, I’ve followed your rapid ascent on Instagram and your followers seem to be very attached to you: each one of your posts has thousands of views and hundreds of comments within the span of a few minutes. More specifically, your Instagram posts have an extremely high engagement rate, 77.23% when I last checked while doing research for this interview, which is phenomenal since the average engagement rate for an account of your size is 2.43%.

Therefore, looking back on your life, is this something that you’ve observed yourself (i.e., people being drawn to you) during your interactions with family, friends and people you’ve met in real life?

And in observing your life in the present, is this something that you’re experiencing in the “real world” outside of social media?

Since I was very young, I was never good at interacting with my peers. I was often shy and bullied because I was the “weird music girl.” I used to spend my break times playing the piano rather than eating lunch with others.

But I often found I was very connected to creative people. When there was another musician present, or someone with a deep interest in music or art I would often form a bond with them very quickly. I believe that a lot of people following me and interacting with me I feel the same. We all have this intangible thread that keeps us together.

In my own real world situation, I have gathered a choir of like-minded women around me. We lift one another up, and harmonise in both mind and voice. This has been a great help on so many ways.

You have a new fourth song entitled “Columns” which shall be included in your forthcoming self-titled EP. Would you care to explain what this song is about and how it came about?

My fourth song, “Columns”, is about how a relationship can be deeply broken even if it has been built from stone from the very beginning.

I was imagining a crumbling and cracking old building, fronted by columns, coming down around someone.

Like most of my songs, I have drawn this from observations of people I know who’ve had some very real and very difficult life experiences. I think very many people who have experienced infidelity will resonate.

On August 26th 2021 you’ll have ended Phase 1 of your Classical Pop career. What are your plans and expectations for Phase 2?

My next plan is a concert I will be holding in September.

As far as plans go afterwards, I’ve been writing more Celtic-inspired music. I was initially leaning towards more of a pop-oriented sound, but soon realised that I’ll never be able to remove the Celtic influence, because that’s just me!

I also hope to have more collaborative efforts with other artists, I truly adore that aspect of being a musician.

If you’ve had a chance to listen to Jennifer’s music on Spotify and other streaming platforms and loved what you’ve heard, then keep an eye out for her new EP “Jennifer Juliette” to be released on August 26th, 2021.

And of course, you can check out Jennifer on her various social media accounts on InstagramTikTokFacebookTwitter and YouTube as well as her official website at