Virtuoso singer Jennifer Juliette discusses her new single “I’ll Be”

Virtuoso singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter: these are just three sides of the multifaceted Jennifer Juliette, who has an exciting new single entitled “I’ll Be” which I was fortunate enough to listen to prior to its release on July 15th, 2021.

My first impression: it’s quite a departure from Jennifer’s signature style of soaring symphonic pop.

I can only describe the mood of “I’ll Be” as melancholic pop with sparse instrumentation (keyboards, drums, bass) sung with just a hint of emotional pain. The song is also a compelling work of ear candy – it’s memorable from the first listen, and you’ll find yourself humming its beautiful melody throughout your day.

And it’s so wonderfully performed by Jennifer that upon listening to “l’ll Be”, she makes you feel that you’re her best friend while she sings to you the most intimate details of the life she describes in the song.

Therefore, in addition to being a virtuoso singer and musician, Jennifer’s also able to make you feel like her confidante with whom she’s sharing pathos, emotional pain and longing through song. Only the best artists, musical or otherwise, can accomplish such a feat.

In anticipation of its pending release, Jennifer and I had the following chat about “I’ll Be”.

Why is your new single entitled “I’ll Be” and what was the inspiration for it?

“I’ll Be” is a wistful look into the life of someone I once knew when I lived in London. She was this beautiful glamorous person who couldn’t be anything to anyone else, since she wasn’t complete herself.

What is the song’s lyrical content about?

It’s about how she lived in the nights, always hopeful that things could be different but knowing looking back that her life would be like this always.

She had definitely struggled with addiction and I often tried to help but it never quite worked out.

Musically, “I’ll Be” is quite different than your other songs, “Little Voice” and “Anchor” which were more like symphonic pop songs with lush instrumentation and soaring vocals.

This song takes a more low-key approach: the instrumentation is sparse with drums, bass and keyboards – very much a 1980s pop sound. Moreover, you’re singing in the lower-end of your vocal register without any vocal belting, which has become a beloved trademark of yours amongst your thousands of fans.

Why did you decide to change your approach?

This was actually an idea between my producer, Arthur Pingrey, and me. We did a belting version and it just didn’t quite sound right so we eventually chilled it out and I did my best to restrain my voice and give it that wistful vibe I mentioned before. It genuinely wasn’t easy!!

Can you tell me about the production process for this song? Specifically, did you go into the production of this song with a low-key pop sound in mind, giving specific instructions to Arthur (i.e., you were the de facto producer)?

Or was this new approach to your music the result of a creative collaboration between yourself and Arthur?

Arthur definitely played a huge part in the production. I previously recorded this one myself using my standard grand piano and voice mix.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that version too, but it was definitely time to step out of the box and I genuinely adore the result.

When we got into the dreamy vocals, I ended up doing them (with 3 comps each) in around 20 minutes and I was so pleased that I’d entered a new space in my voice so intensively. I was super productive that day!

How long did it take for this song to come to fruition, from the initial song idea to its final production?

I had the ideas and words for this song around 5 years ago, but revisited them only recently.

Overall the process for this song, with the production and changing the voice style took about 6 weeks. Originally, I went with the belting style and actually went back to the drawing board totally after a month.

Isn’t that one of the best things about music, that it’s never finite? Any creative detail or flourish you want to add, you simply can.

When will your single be released?

On the 15th July 2021.

What further musical projects can we expect from you during the remainder of 2021 (i.e., more singles, your forthcoming EP, etc.)?

The EP will be released some time after “I’ll Be” with another song that I believe is a really exciting one from the whole project.

I am so looking forward to the reactions from all these people I love about my work. I am also planning a concert in Prague in September!

If you’ve had a chance to listen to Jennifer’s music on Spotify and other streaming platforms and loved what you’ve heard, then keep an eye out for “I’ll Be” to be released on July 15th, 2021.


Far away from being over 

Felt it getting closer

Push it far away

Clean for now until it hits me

Sudden rush ‘til I breathe 

Something for the pain

Too late now

Feel myself come down

There’s nothing here

To save me

And I’ll be

Just another memory

You were all I wanted

For one night

And I’ll be

Gone before the morning

Don’t hold onto something

That’s not right

And I can’t be what you need in your life

Come alive again at night time

Daylight hurts my eyes

I’m all that I could be

Thoughts of you can be erased

With a new pretty face

I’ll know it when I see 

Crowded places

Vacant spaces

Searching for

The thing I need

And I’ll be

Just another memory

You were all I wanted

For one night

And I’ll be

Gone before the morning

Don’t hold onto something

That’s not right

I can’t be what you need in your life

Everything I thought I had to say

Blinked and then I watched it run away

There is nothing left for me to cling to

Moments where I thought I had a choice

Silence where I thought I heard a voice

Can’t pretend to be that girl 

I used to be


I’ll be

Just another memory

You were all I wanted

For one night

And oh,

I’ll be

Gone before the morning

Don’t hold onto something

That’s not right

I can’t be what you need in your life

I can’t be what you need in your