Yvng Error on “The Fool”

Yvng Error (a.k.a., Mitch Young) has an exciting new single entitled “The Fool” which I was fortunate enough to listen to prior to its release on June 19th 2021.

It’s quite a departure from his signature Britrock. In anticipation of its pending release, Yvng and I had the following chat about it.

If you’ve had a chance to listen to Yvng Error’s music on Spotify and other streaming platforms and loved what you’ve heard, you can pre-save his upcoming release “The Fool” on Spotify via this link.

What inspired the name for your song, The Fool and its lyrical content?

The inspiration behind this song was a recent breakup I’ve just been through which helped shape the idea behind this song.

The Fool is a tarot card which represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner’s luck, improvisation and believing in the universe which pretty much hits the nail on the head on how I’ve been feeling recently.

What is the song’s lyrical content about?

The idea of the song is basically freeing myself from pain and heartbreak alongside the change of now being free in the universe and having to adapt to help shape the future of what is to come.

It’s not what you see

Why don’t you tell me,

Why don’t you let me feel what you need

This lyric represents the miscommunication a couple can have and when the fire starts to burn out, you either fight for it and make it work, or you both part ways and start a new chapter in life.

Sometimes you really want things to work but you have to let your soul free itself to become the best version of yourself.

I know where I’m going but my soul might die” means wanting to chase dreams and goals more than anything which again links to “The Fool” because myself and many other people in breakups have to go through the darkness to reach the light on the other side especially when paths and desires change.

The song sounds very different than your other singles – it’s not really a rock song at all. What inspired this change in musical direction?

With this particular song I really just wanted to let out all the pain and emotion I’ve been feeling recently and it really seemed to work with this style.

It was definitely quite a challenge, but I had the concept for the future music video already percolating in my mind and I felt this style would really help bring out the true meaning of the song.

Where was this single recorded?

In my bedroom man! Just using Logic Pro X, a Scarlett audio interface and some extra help from a good friend of mine Marcus Swadling from Txttalk ( indie band from Hastings ) who will also be releasing a new EP soon! Called “Hollywood”!

When can we expect the single and music video to be released?

The single will be dropping on all major platform on the 19th June at 00.00 GMT. You can pre-save now with this link:


And I will be working with 3Dimensional media in the next few weeks on the video project for this one. It’s definitely going to be completely different than the last 3 music videos we’ve worked on together.