Involuntary Celibacy And Social Disorder – Why I Wrote the Black Pill Trilogy


In my home city of Toronto, Canada, a 25-year old man named Alek Minassian rented a van on April 23, 2018 and proceeded to mow down and kill 10 people in a high pedestrian section of Yonge Street, which is the main street that runs through Toronto.

While all 10 killed varied in age and cultural backgrounds, they were all women. Minassian himself had a history of autism and was brutally bullied for it. After his arrest, Minassian told police he carried out the attack in retribution for years of sexual rejection and ridicule by women. He told a detective he was part of the “incel movement,” which is a fringe internet subculture that attracts males who are involuntarily celibate.

More recently, on February 24, 2020, (and yet again in Toronto), a 17-year old teenager entered a massage parlour and went on a stabbing rampage with a machete that killed a single mother who was an employee of that parlour. Police claim that this young man’s attack was motivated by incel culture as he wanted to kill as many women as he could. He is now being prosecuted as a terrorist under the Criminal Code of Canada.

These incidents, both occurring in my city, piqued my interest in what is colloquially referred to as “incel” subculture.

And with the onset of Covid-19 during March 2020, I was stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands and proceeded to educate myself about this fascinating subculture by watching channels on YouTube. The content over at Incel TV and FACEandLMS were particularly eye-opening to me.


Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Based on what I’ve learned about the incel movement, what follows is a synopsis of the key components that explain the incel worldview.

The Black Pill

Today’s heterosexual woman primarily assesses a man’s attractiveness based on his physical appearance. The most desirable physical traits an ideal man should have are as follows:

A man who meets the aforementioned physical attributes is referred to as a “Chad”. He is a lucky member of the 20 percent of men desired by 80 percent of women. On the other hand, men who don’t meet these attributes are among the bottom 80% of men who compete for the bottom 20% of women.

Do personality and social status matter? To an extent, but not as much as they did in years past, as I’ll explain in subsequent sections below. Today, a woman’s attraction to a man will ultimately be determined by a man’s physical appearance.

Therefore, the traditional canard about how “looks don’t matter” is a falsehood. Sure, if a man has enough money and social status he might be able to get the girl he wants, but she’ll be with him not because she desires him, but for reasons of financial security. And as I’ll explain below, “hot” girls are becoming more financially independent than ever.

Female Hypergamy

Understandably, women wish to produce the best looking and healthiest children possible. Therefore, they wish to mate with a man who is at least her equal in looks and fitness.

Moreover, today’s women are more educated, financial independent and career-minded than ever before. Therefore, hypergamy with respect to financial wealth isn’t as important as it was in years past.

Therefore, a man who is less than an 8 out of 10 in terms of physical appearance cannot reliably expect to attain a woman who’s an 8+ in terms of looks even if he is financially secure, or even wealthy. Those days are long gone.

Globalization and Advances in Technology

September 12, 2012 is an ominous date among incels – it’s the date that the dating app Tinder first went online. From their perspective, incels feel that the world had inevitably changed for the worse from that point forward.

Through Tinder (and other lesser known dating apps), women now have access to Chads all over the world. And international travel to meet these Chads has become more seamless and less expensive than ever before (at least it was pre-Covid 19). The average North American male has no hope of competing with an 8+ Enrico in Barcelona, Spain or a 9+ Dieter in Berlin, Germany.

Moreover, 8+ girls with little or no education or marketable work skills can now earn a significant amount of money by becoming social media influencers and landing endorsement deals. They can now become financially independent and have their pick of 8+ men whereas in years past (pre-social media), a sub-8 male could at least have a reasonable prospect of finding an 8+ woman as a mate so long as he could provide her with financial security.

The Pareto Principle

From Wikipedia:

The Pareto distribution, named after the Italian civil engineereconomist, and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto,[1] is a power-lawprobability distribution that is used in description of socialscientificgeophysicalactuarial, and many other types of observable phenomena. Originally applied to describing the distribution of wealth in a society, fitting the trend that a large portion of wealth is held by a small fraction of the population,[2] the Pareto distribution has colloquially become known and referred to as the Pareto principle, or “80-20 rule”, and is sometimes called the “Matthew principle“. This rule states that, for example, 80% of the wealth of a society is held by 20% of its population.

Similarly, (and as discussed above), the top 20% of men have access to the top 80% of women. Conversely, the bottom 80% of men compete for the bottom 20% of women.

In other words, the Pareto Distribution mathematically demonstrates that “life isn’t fair” (and in my opinion, this is the natural order of things – but that’s an article for another day 🙂).


Taken together – the Black Pill, female hypergamy, the ubiquitousness of social media and the Pareto distribution – the incel worldview concludes that:

  • If you’re a sub-8 male without money or social status, there’s almost no chance that you’ll attract an 8+ female.
  • If you’re a sub-8 male with money and social status, your chances of attracting an 8+ female are higher than your fellow sub-8s without money and social status, but not by very much, due to the increasing financial independence of the most desirable females.
  • If you’re a sub-8 male, you’ll be competing with other sub-8 men for average looking women (let’s assume sub-6). This is particularly problematic when sub-6 women feel that they’re just as entitled to Chads as 8+ women.
  • If you’re an +8 male Chad, money and social status aren’t necessary to get women. The most extreme example of this was Jeremy Meeks, a former member of the Crips from Stockton, California who had a long criminal record which included robbery and assault. He became world famous as women around the world swooned at his mugshot after police had posted it on Facebook. Meeks has since become an international model.


Photo by Cooper Baumgartner on Unsplash

When you consider the increasing trend of involuntary celibacy, one can conclude that it may result in a lot of sexually frustrated and angry men causing widespread social unrest.

Incel attacks such as the ones in Toronto described at the beginning of this article are well known, but consider the following less obvious consequences:

disgruntled_asians_become_spies Jun 30, 2012

I am Asian American. I work as an engineer in Silicon Valley. Every day, I hear reports in the news about cutting edge American technology being “stolen” by China. You know who’s doing the stealing? Disgruntled Asian Americans who have been treated like second class citizens in this country. The so-called losers, highly educated Asian guys who (like the men described in Mr. Yang’s article) have trouble meeting girls.. some of them may have even attended JT Tran’s pickup class. You know how I know this? Because I have been approached at least half a dozen times by representatives of Chinese firms. I have been offered a large amount of money, as well as sex, with both white women and Asian women, in order to provide American tech secrets to China. I have also been (correctly) repeatedly reminded of the way I am treated like a second class citizen in America, of how, simply due to my race and the amount of melatonin in my skin, many women in this racist country will not date me.

I have not provided any proprietary technology secrets from the American companies I’ve worked for to any of these Chinese firms. I have not accepted their offers of women or money. I know many Chinese Americans (and even Asian Americans of other races) who have. My personal reasons for not accepting this have to do with my hatred of any large organization, be it the Chinese government, the US government or a college fraternity. But I certainly don’t hate my Asian brothers who have chosen to do so. The Chinese representatives paint a very detailed picture, about a future in which Asia becomes so powerful, Asian men will be perceived as the most desirable. It is quite a seductive vision that they paint, particularly for Asian American men who have suffered so much mistreatment and have felt so alienated, even by women of their own race.

I see this happening, and I am reminded of Shylock in the Merchant of Venice. Shylock was a member of a minority (Jews) that had been ostracized, alienated, portrayed as sexually undesirable. His own daughter rejected her people to “love” a member of the majority, Antonio. And what does Shylock, as channeled by Shakespeare, say of his fate and his treatment by the majority?

“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

I have told you what I have seen. Mr Yang has shared how we feel. America, IF YOU WRONG US, SHALL WE NOT REVENGE?

  • Going back to the Pareto Principle, in the context of the United States, the 80/20 wealth distribution described by this principle has been a direct result of globalization and advances in technology which resulted in the offshoring of American industry and the economic destruction the American heartland (i.e., the American Midwest). The protestations of this economic destruction by people residing in what the coastal elites disparagingly referred to as “the flyover states” were largely ignored by the American mainstream media up until November 2016. What happened in November 2016? Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States largely through the support of former Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania which voted for Trump, as he had directly addressed their concerns about the loss of good manufacturing jobs and promised to bring them back to America.
  • Similarly, involuntarily celibate men who constitute the bottom 80 percent of potential dating partners feel as marginalized by the American mainstream as the blue collar mid-Westerners did pre-November 2016. That is, no one is listening to them and if they are being listened to, they aren’t being taken seriously. Could they affect the outcome of the upcoming 2020 Presidential election by voting for the candidate who they feel most reflects their values? And who best reflects their values? Joe Biden, who advocates that men become feminists or Donald Trump, who puts (as incels may perceive them) mouthy, obnoxious and unattractive women in their place? Could the United States survive 4 more years of a Trump Presidency?


Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Since the mainstream media has been dismissing involuntary celibates as nothing more than cranks and losers and haven’t been thinking through the potential consequences of so doing (as I described above), I made a decision to write my trio of songs entitled the Black Pill Trilogy to articulate the worldview of incels in song format and promote these songs through social media.

Chad’s Theme

The lyrics are ostensibly narrated by a Chad who is a self-professed “fuck up and a loser” and knows that no matter how much he screws up or how awful his behavior is, women will always flock to him because of his good looks.

However, in actual fact, the lyrics represent an incel’s worldview of how a Chad would typically behave – i.e., it’s based on a stereotype of how an 8+ male would typically behave from an incel’s point of view.

Everybody Loves A Pretty Girl (Stacy’s Theme)

The lyrics represent an incel’s worldview of the privilege possessed by an 8+ female (i.e., a Stacey) in today’s world. The following lyrics drive this point home:

The skies will open and the sun will shine,
Everyone will kneel and they will think you’re kind,
The entire whole wide world loves a pretty girl…

The air goes still as you enter a room,
Everybody gapes and all the guys will drool,
The entire whole wide world loves a pretty girl…

Praying To Satan

In my final song, the lyrics are written from the point of view of a young man who blames God for his lack of LMS (Looks, Money, Status) which has resulted in his involuntary celibacy.

Since he has no money for cosmetic surgery, he decides to sell his soul to Satan for an opportunity to live the life of a Chad so he can make money and bang hot chicks until Judgment Day.

After all, without LMS or women in his life, he already feels like he’s living Hell on Earth. Therefore, he thinks he’s got nothing to lose by making a deal with the Devil.