Singing for the love of fame, not the love of music


Being on Instagram is an eye opening experience.

When browsing on IG, I see a lot of “singers” who are obviously so desperate to get discovered through IG or other social media that it reeks of desperation. They want to be the next Big Thing and get instant fame by singing covers (and usually not that well).

These types of singers usually share three aspects:

  1. They don’t play any musical instrument or if they do, they play it very badly – believe me, there are lots of shitty guitar players/singers  on IG.
  2. They’re usually quite young, from early teens to late twenties. I pray these kids have enough good sense to get an education (i.e., trade school or university) because if they don’t make it in the music business, they’re going to end up washing a lot of dishes for the rest of their lives.
  3. They sing pop covers, which are usually not too vocally demanding. Hence, the performances aren’t very impressive. You don’t see too many male singers on IG attempting vocal covers of Queen or Led Zeppelin. Seeing that type of musical material sung well would be impressive.

From the above observations, I get the impression that these singers are on IG (or YouTube) because they want to be famous, rather than performing for the love of music itself. They don’t see music as a craft to be perfected over a lifetime, but as a shortcut to fame and fortune :-/

It makes one wonder if these kids would continue performing music for the rest of their lives if they knew with certainty that they wouldn’t be able to make a living doing it. I kind of doubt it.