Hayley Richman

This is Hayley Richman, an amazing singer from Montreal, Canada. I came across her YouTube channel when I was listening to some Radiohead and her amazing cover of “Paranoid Android” started playing. I was just blown away by her amazing voice and singing talent.

She apparently started these YouTube cover song videos at the tender age of 13 years old (she’s now about 20 years old). She does the singing and her father plays all the instruments.

Her voice is very reminiscent of Fiona Apple’s: dark, rich and complex. Her selection of music is great as well: Bowie, Radiohead, Lana Del Ray – basically Alternative Rock.

One of my favourite songs to listen to is Hayley’s cover of “Unintended” by Muse. It’s actually better than the original song! I embed it below:

I strongly suggest you check her out. I’m sure you’ll be impressed as I am!