In Praise of Cheap Guitars


The guitar I’m noodling with is a Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster that’s selling new for $419 Canadian Dollars (about $313 USD). It’s got a fast neck, it’s very resonant and sounds great.

In fact, this guitar and other “cheap” guitars like it (such as certain Epiphone and LTD guitar models) play and sound just as well as guitars costing several thousands of dollars more.

I would know: I own a Les Paul Custom from the Gibson Custom Shop but I hardly ever play it.πŸ˜’ It just sits in its guitar case looking pretty. Until relatively recently, I had only used it for photo shoots that I post on my Instagram feed.

My “Number One” guitar is in fact a Japanese-made 1987 Squier Stratocaster that I bought used for $300 Canadian. It’s literally the best guitar I’ve ever played! ☺️

I often get questions from beginner guitarists on whether an expensive guitar is worth it. They somehow think that spending $2,000+ on a guitar will miraculously improve their playing. The answer is an empathetic “no” – 90% of your sound is going to be from your fingers. So don’t worry about the name on the guitar headstock – it really doesn’t matter. Just buy that cheap guitar and get playing!